Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2 in Charlevoix

Today we spent a lot of time talking to 3 very talented artists.  
Todd J. Warner is a sculptor of imaginative creatures based on real life animals tweeked to the extent that they become hilariously gross.  He states that he sees beauty in ugly (or vice versa?)  His shop is a museum of humor.
A jeweler is spending time in the shop developing jewelry based on Warners charactors but with his own modifications.  We enjoyed  some of his excellent work as well (his name?)
The third artist Cal Kemppainen has a variety of beautiful paintings on exhibit in the shop.
An interesting morning!!

We ate breakfast in Judy's restuarant  (a recommended stop).  I had the specialty of the house Judy's Mess containing eggs, cheezes, potatoe, ham, vegetables of all kinds, etc. with the whole thing scrambled, layered and mixed.  Boy, it was good! Took 1/2 home!
Jayne behaved herself, excercised restraint and ate pancakes

The rest of the day will be spent on tasks and do some swimming in the marina pool.

Some scenes of Charlevoix

A stone birdhouse!

Michigan is reputed to be the cherry capitol of the world

Some examples of Warners art

Jeweler at work

Art by Cal Kemppainen

3 pictures of a restored 62 corvair convertable; Nader almost single handedly killed production.Note the rear plate!(NADER)

What you should do in a pretty  place

The winds look good for early morning Monday so we will leave for Leland Michigan by 6 or 7 AM (ouch!) before the winds change

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