Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brewerton New York

We left early this morning from Silvan Beach to get to Brewerton before the rains which didn't happen anyway!   Although the Silvan Beach scene was a little loud with music until the wee hours we still were able to sleep; we get really tired from all of the physical effort.
Coming across the lake was a nice experience; a 20+ mile trip with lots of fishing boats everywhere.
We reached the other side and the town of Brewerton, also on the lake but not quite as resorty as Silvan Beach.
Our marina was well stocked with boating items; borrowing the courtesy car helped us to get to the other parts of town for groceries, dinner etc.

A few scenes of entering the Brewerton area:

Tomorrow to Oswego NY for a day or two;  pending weather we will make our crossing of Lake Ontario the next day.

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